Write the general source of secondary data: 2022

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Write the general source of secondary data: 2022
There are two types of data in general, one is primary data, and the other is called secondary data. Primary data is firsthand data that is collected by the researcher himself and does not include any outsourcing. While on the other hand, the data which is collected from other sources is called secondary data " write my essay". Firms outsource data from different published or unpublished means. This type of data is not traced back to the level of individual cases. In primary data, mathematical calculations are allowed, while in secondary, these calculations are restricted. A researcher may have collected the data for a specific project and then made it available for others to read that research paper and add to their research project. Data collected for detailed research may be called primary data for another research.

Several sources are used to collect secondary data, including books, personal sources, journals, newspapers and different websites, etc. This type of data is always available from these different sources; you have to go through any of these sources to collect data of your interest. Some are paid, but some are free to use and do not charge anything from any user. More critical or sensitive data is usually available in return for a specific amount " essay writer ". Most big firms need such data. Secondary data takes advantage of the data collected from previous research, and you can use this data to conduct new research. An essay writer can help in the collection of data.

There are different types of secondary data available for outsourcing. Let us now discuss different types of sources of secondary data one by one.


A traditional way of collecting secondary data is through books which are available all around us. In recent times to collect any data from a book we have to visit libraries or buy books from shops. But nowadays these books are available online through different types of websites; we can have access to these books and do not need to go anywhere. When you are conducting any research, you will see that there are several books available related to that topic on the internet. You have to choose books wisely to get authentic data as books can be very useful and helpful.

Published Sources

Several published sources are available on the internet for different research topics, free or nominal cost. Several authors have published their work and are available on various websites, but you must be careful while choosing from different published works " essay writing service ". You must have a look at whether the author that has published that data is authentic or not. For this, you have to read reviews which different people under their published work give. Published sources are also available in printed form.

Unpublished Personal Source

This type of secondary data is not easily accessible for all user's as published information is available. This type of source is only available for those researchers whom the author has permitted to access. And that specific researcher is not allowed to share that data with any other researcher. Like feedback given by different people on different products will need to collect the data from the customer service department, and they do not share this further.


The information available in Newspapers is, most of the time, very reliable information compared with other secondary data sources, making it more authentic. Almost every kind of data is available in newspapers daily, including political information, economic information, and educational information, but scientific methods are less known. It covers almost every field of life and is most effective and efficient. Though it covers every field of life science, researchers are mostly not available through this platform of secondary data sources.


Every kind of data is available on different websites but mainly not regulated, not verified. Data available on websites is not as trustworthy compared with other secondary data sources " essay writer online". Different websites share only accurate data, and they guarantee it, but most of the time, data is fake. Various sites which are paid are usually private organization websites, and some government websites share accurate data. Data availability online is more accessible than any other source, but you must be aware of different frauds.


Blogs are the most common online sources for data that may even be less authentic than different websites. Most people own a blog and use these blogs to attract online traffic to their websites to make money through this. So we cannot assume that these blogs are always trustworthy. For example, someone pays a blogger to spread good word of mouth for their product, and that blogger appreciates that specific product without knowing after the results of that product. To avoid such unfair means, you can take the help of a paper writing service.

Government records

Government records are a very authentic source to collect data and also very reliable. These records contain helpful information in the field of marketing, humanities, management, and many more " write essay for me". Some other records include census data, health records, and educational records. The government collects such data to allocate funds, proper aid planning, and many other reasons. You can ask someone to write my paper that can help you to collect accurate data from different sources.

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